weddings & elopements



photographer, happy-cryer, mother.

A photographer for the sweetest weddings, from the black hills of South Dakota to wherever else you lead me. Capturing the moments that make up your life while you experience them. 

Creating work that is natural, romantic, and authentically you.

Hi, I'm glad you're here.

Hi there, I am so glad that you found your way to me.

Choosing me is choosing someone who strives to find love in all things: the way that birds sing to each other at the break of morning, the fading of the stars in the night sky to emphasize the beauty of the growing moon, the excitement my dog has each and every time he sees anyone sitting around the livingroom with us. 

Opening up the windows in my house makes my heart sing, my little family make up my few favorite people, and getting to create new spaces and moments are a sure-fire way to ease my anxieties. Running, hiking, soaking up the sunshine, and holding hands are some of the greatest activities, in my opinion. 

Seeing the way that other people love each other -- the small details of the way they scrunch up their noses when they smile at each other, the way a hand falls gently and perfectly into the small of another's back, the silly inside jokes -- they are what fuel my fire. Finding new ways that you show your love give me new things to love, too.

That. that is why I do what I do. Whether in the Black Hills, on an Island in Georgia, during a camping trip, or in the midst of your perfect wedding day, sharing in your love is the greatest fuel to my fire.

inspired by bright, golden love.
creating images of moments never fading.

Wedding photographer celebrating every

act of love.


your love is something that I am so grateful to get a chance to witness. 

my approach to capturing it is:

+ true to the moment and to your love
+ honestly
+ journalistically
+ with moments rather than poses
+ showcasing your connection
+ authentically
+ focused on the day and the experience being had


wherever your love takes you, I'll let it lead the way.

where love took me in 2019:

Black Hills, Sd
Philadelphia, PA
Chicago, IL
Yellowstone NP
Grand Teton NP
Salt Lake City, UT
Fort Wayne, IN
Jackson, WY