capturing tickle-fights, weddings, and all of the love in between.

Making sure that every detail captured tells the story of your love. Showing the reality of your relationship that is so much sweeter than anything a forced pose could portray.

RApid City based wedding & Elopement photographer

sharing in honest moments

I'm ready to dive head first into everything that is your love.

 I am here to celebrate what it is that  makes your love intimately and uniquely you, on your elopement, throughout your wedding day, or whenever else.

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I'm not ever going to be the wedding photographer that gives you the same, cookie cutter 20 poses that makes you feel ordinary. I want us to lean into the moments, together. I want to foster the love and the emotion. I plan to document this moment in your life. To allow you to relive it and the love you share, forever. I won't stand for anything less. Whether you are having a wedding in the Rapid City, South Dakota or an elopement beneath the mountains of Patagonia, I promise to showcase your love first and foremost.

I am so very very grateful that you found your way here.

doing so much more than just being your wedding photographer. taking the time to hike with you on your greatest adventures, RApid City and beyond. crying with you during your elopement. getting to watch the next chapters of your lives unfold and capture the feeling of it all. maintaining these friendships throughout the years. loving on and supporting you with every step.

The way that you choose to love your partner, the things that you love doing together, they're what I am going to capture. My job is to have someone who knows you see the images and think "wow, that really does look like them. I have never seen them be better represented. This isn't going to be about me telling you to pose in a way that will get me a thousand likes on Instagram. This isn't photographing you for my benefit. This is journalistic. This is sharing your love story. This is you.

Truly, the most important part of any interaction that we have together is just the fact that you are loved. The way that you want to have your photos reflect your love, the moments that are important to you and that you want to be captured: they're what brought you here. My job is to go to where you are, whether in Rapid City or somewhere across the country (or even the world), and photograph the love you have for exactly what it is. I am so so grateful that my job allows me to be a wedding photographer in Rapid City, or an elopement photographer in Banff, or an adventure photographer on the Appalachian Trail. Your love will guide us to where you want to go. The things you enjoy doing will be what our time together is all about. Whether you hire me for wedding photography or anything else, you're hiring me to document you.

Your love: it's what matters most 
some recent work

Hi sweet new friend, I'm Kalee.

I am a wedding and elopement photographer who has built my career on the joy of celebrating how wonderfully unique every best day can be.

I have this idea that the best gift a person can ever gift to themselves or others is memories. Experiences. The sense of nostalgia from holidays during your childhood. I love the fact that this job allows me the opportunity to create even more of these "snapshots" into this specific, beautiful time in peoples' lives, and allows for them to relive this stage for so many years to come.

My phone camera roll is full of pictures of my perfect little boy, my husband, and all of the beautiful things I stumble upon on a daily basis.

My computer, however, is full of you guys. It's full of the friends I've made, the weddings I've witnessed, your loved ones that I got to dance around with. My work consumes so much of who I am, now, and for that I am really, really freaking lucky.

I am lucky enough to be based out of the beautiful Black Hills, near Rapid City, South Dakota, but am willing to follow you anywhere to help photograph and commemorate your favorite day.

meet kalee

Justice and steele celebrated their couples session in april of 2019 in rapid city, south dakota.

"Not only was the shoot itself absolutely a blast, but she gave so much thought to our shoot beforehand. Kalee has a process that makes her clients feel like they're her only priority, which is refreshing. All around I highly recommend hiring Kalee." 

Kalee has a process that makes her clients feel like they're her only priority.

kelsey and james celebrated their couples session in june of 2019 in rapid city, south dakota.

"She was super awesome to work with and made us feel so relaxed in front of the camera! I absolutely LOVE her candid style and her ability to capture such amazing moments that I didn’t even realize were happening until I looked at the photos! I for real can’t say enough good things about the experience Kalee gave us!! She’s a true talent and just such a rad person to be around!"

From the second we started chatting about our session she was all in and ready for anything

peyton and marty vowed their lives to each other in august of 2019 in columbia city, indiana.

"Kalee is a sweetheart and was amazing to work with! She captured my vision perfectly and goes the extra mile to make sure you’re happy. We highly recommend going to her for any and all photography!"

She captured my vision perfectly and goes the extra mile to make sure you're happy.

anthonette and jeff celebrated their couples session in december of 2018 in rapid city, south dakota.

"The way she captured every detail stirred up warm, positive feelings. She has the ability to take photos which come to life and is like writing a story with each image having it’s own narrative. We love her and her family."

I immediately fell in love with the way she is able to capture simple and little moments and make them big and unique to us.

anna and derek vowed their lives to each other in september of 2019 in spearfish, south dakota.

"Kalee is a treat to work with! When you go on a shoot and see the photos after, you forget you were posing. She captures the everyday beautifully."

She captures the everyday beautifully.